High School Diaries: Jorden Kee | 2017 Northwest Rankin Senior

The best thing that I adore about my job is the positivity photography allows me to experience all day, every day. Every time I meet new people, glancing at their personality from behind the lens gives me an opportunity to experience their true energies and pretensions.

I love photographing high school seniors because these are young adults, ready to step into a whole new phase of their life, and their infectious attitudes and perpetually soaring spirits motivate me like nothing else. One fine afternoon, I had the pleasure to capture the stunning profile of Jorden Kee, an amazingly bright and beautiful high school senior at the Northwest Rankin High School in Brandon, Mississippi.

Jorden is a dedicated student who is graduating high school and all set to begin her college days at the East Mississippi Community College in Starkville, MS, this fall. She has incredibly inspired aims to give back to her community by going to nursing school and becoming a self-less care-giver.

Jorden has a vibrant and fun-loving personality, and I was so afraid of not being able to do justice to her infectiously beautiful smile that lights up her face. We picked out downtown Jackson to create a lovely shoot that connects with Jorden’s inner core and personal style, and Jorden picked out a stunningly bright color palate with outfits that amplified her gorgeousness and energy.


For her first look, Jorden picked out a voguishly chic minimalist statement, with a purple wrap crop top, and a black classic mini skirt. This vibrantly graceful statement allowed Jorden to play up her age and channel her confidence with some glamour and charm.

She channeled effortless chicness with a sleeveless white turtleneck and voguishly distressed denims. She looked effortlessly chic, and fiercely confident in the outfit. She also experimented with black, which played up splendidly against her fair skin.

I adored her gorgeous blonde hair cut, and those gorgeous ash-brown low-lights that gave her layered lob a bold edginess. It looks insanely hot in the pictures, and I couldn’t stop myself from capturing beauty shots with her hair caressing her lovely face.

We picked outdoor locations that would convey a deeper side of her personality. The breathtaking landscapes, street corners, brick walls and delightful sights of downtown Jackson and natural lighting proved to be my best friend, as they allowed me to do justice to Jorden’s alluring aura and gorgeousness.

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