Wrapping up 2015 Senior Year and a few changes

It’s graduation time for my 2015 High School Seniors.  Congratulations for getting to the end.  Next month it will all be over and you will move on to the next phase of your life.  I’ve really enjoyed this year’s seniors and love my senior sessions.  I’ve been really busy lately with graduation card announcements and a few last minute sessions.  In the past I have kept all of my senior sessions accessible on my computer.  The problem with that lately is that I have entirely too many sessions to go through to find the most current clients to work on.  So I have had to re-evaluate my workflow and have decided to archive all of my sessions 30 days after proofs have been delivered.  I am NOT DELETING my digital negatives.  This just means that I am putting them into storage off my main computer.  To my 2015 Seniors who have not placed their orders you have until May 8, 2015 to do so before they will be archived.  After that if you would like to place an order there will be a $50 Un-Archive fee to bring them out off storage.

Again Congratulations to all my 2015 Senior Graduates!

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